WP Conversion Boxes Pro Review – Waste of Money?!

wp conversion boxes pro reviewAn Honest WP Conversion Boxes Pro Review

Awesome WP plugin or crappy product re-released for more money?

I don’t need to explain what WordPress is. It is all I use for making websites anymore, and chances are it is what you use too. So you probably know all about WP plugins?

Over the years there have been hundreds of so-called “amazing” new WP plugins that will help you make money. Some of them are actually helpful, but many of them are just overpriced trash.

The latest to come out is WP Conversion Boxes Pro by Ram Shengale (what kind of name is that?).

What is WP Conversion Boxes Pro?

Unlike many plugins, this one isn’t exactly new. This is basically the 2.0 or “Pro” version. The original was released earlier this year for free and has 5/5 stars in the WP plugin store. It was a simple version but quite popular.

WP Conversion Boxes Pro takes things up a notch.

You can use a variety of templates and quickly make opt-in forms for your website. You can even make opt-in forms with videos in them…nifty!

There are tons of templates to choose from and they are all customizable. You can make as many different forms as you want to cater them to each page on your site if you want.

And of course there is built in tracking and A/B testing so you can see what converts the best for you.

But why explain it when I could just show you? There are tons of templates to choose from, but here is one example of an opt-in box you could make with this (note: this is just an image, but you can make actual forms):

wp conversion box example

But of course, nothing is ever perfect and WP Conversion Boxes Pro is no exception. Here are my honest and unabashed thoughts on this product.

The Bad Points

  • Not unique. While it is an excellent plugin with many features, there are other plugins that can do the same type of thing. So this doesn’t really stand out as something “new,” although it does seem to do it better than most other options and is cheaper and easier to use.

The Good Points

  • Easy to use. Everything is done with a simple wysiwyg editor right inside WordPress. Anybody can figure out how to create nice looking optin forms with this.
  • Built in conversion tracking and testing. Don’t make extra work for yourself…just use the built in tracking to figure out which templates/wording/etc is converting best and keep using that version.
  • Low price. There are multiple options, but the cheapest one is only $27. Since this is something you are likely to use a lot, the price is more than fair.

Conclusion…Is it Worth the Money?

It depends on your needs, but in my opinion yes it is worth it. If you are not interested in building a list (are you crazy?!) then this plugin probably won’t mean much to you.

But…If you are building a list, you need optin forms wherever you can fit them. With this plugin, you can easily customize them to make different looking forms for all your websites or even separate pages.

This is definitely something good to put in your WordPress toolkit.

 Click here to visit the WP Conversion Boxes Pro website!

WP Conversion Boxes Pro
Date Published: 12/30/2014
While there are plenty of other plugins that do similar things, they don't seem to do it quite as well. This is cheap, easy to use, and makes great looking optin forms.
4.7 / 5 stars

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