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crowd search meCrowd Search Me Review – Is the Software a Scam?

(Note: This is a Crowd Search Me review. If you are looking for the official website, you can click here.)

Do you have a website and want more traffic and money? Have you tried different techniques but they didn’t seem to help?

SEO is difficult and takes a long time to see results.

PPC costs too much.

Social media seems like a waste of time.

The Secret Behind Top Google Rankings

What if…people visiting your website automatically lead to more people visiting your website? (Mind blown!)

That is called crowdsourcing. Basically it comes down to what Google calls a “bounce rate.” When someone clicks on your website and leaves immediately, it has a high bounce rate and it does NOTHING to help you out.

BUT…let’s say someone visits your website, clicks on a few pages, reads some articles, and stays for several minutes on your site. That visitor stays there for a while and your site has a LOW bounce rate, which Google thinks mean you have a site that is worth reading.

As a result of your website activity, Google will improve your rankings which will in turn lead to more visitors and of course…more money.

But how can you make sure everyone that visits your website stays long enough to give you that boost in the serps? How can you repeat that process to get all your websites to rank well?


crowdsearchmeheadlineDan Anton, creator of several popular products over the last few years, has just released a new service called which will help you repeat that process over and over.

What is Crowd Search Me?

It is essentially a service where you pay for other people to do this. They will search for your chosen keyword, find your website, click on it and look around for a few minutes to lower your bounce rate.

When you have a lot of people doing this (for less than a penny each), Google will know what keywords you are targeting and realize that you have relevant content, so you will rank higher for those keywords.

Eventually that leads to higher rankings and natural visitors which you can monetize however you see fit. really is a revolutionary service that has already helped a lot of people improve their Google rankings and make more money.

Of course, nothing is ever perfect and is no exception. Here are the pros and cons, and what I really think about this new service.

The Bad:

  • Unknown long term results. Right now, Google loves this technique. But we all know that search engine algorithms are always changing. Who knows how well this will work six months or a year from now.

The Good:

  • Crowd Search Me techniques that Google approves and recommends. Active visitors and low bounce rates improve rankings and make Google happy. No more love/hate relationships with the big G!
  • Easy to use. Even if you are a complete beginner, you can set everything up quickly and without a problem.
  • A variety of packages at different prices means you get exactly what you need without paying extra. The cheapest package is only $17 a month! The other options are fairly priced as well.
  • It works. Nuff said. In my opinion, that is the only factor that matters.


Well, I hope this Crowd Search Me review has been helpful. If it sounds like I’m a little excited, that’s because I am!

This is a new type of service that I haven’t seen before, the prices are more than reasonable, and it actually does help you rank better.

This is one of the products that really stands out from the rest and will be one of the biggest trends of the year. If you are at all interested in improving your organic rankings, give this a try.

But remember…the prices will be going up when the big launch is over. So if you are interested, then check it out now while prices are still low!

Click Here to try for yourself!

Bonus- In case you were wondering, Crowd Search Me works great with things that aren’t your own websites too. For example, you can get Youtube videos to rank really well using this service.

However, you still need to understand how to make a video that has the potential to rank. A crappy video won’t make you money no matter how many links or visitors you throw at it.

So…if you order through my link, you will automatically receive my “How to Rank a YouTube Video” bonus guide.

Click here to order and get the bonus too!
Date Published: 12/30/2014
Revolutionary new service helps reduce bounce rates, improve rankings, and make you more money. Definitely check this new service out while prices are low during the product launch
4.8 / 5 stars

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